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刘伯温心水论坛Our Valentine’s Day Getaway

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Hey there, hive. I just wanted to apologize for my recent blogger?absence. My amazing grandpa just passed away, 刘伯温心水论坛 , so life has been a little chaotic. I though this would be a good place to shout from the proverbial rooftopsI

Hey there, hive. I just wanted to apologize for my recent blogger?absence. My amazing grandpa just passed away,刘伯温心水论坛, so life has been a little chaotic. I though this would be a good place to shout from the proverbial rooftops—I love you, Grandpa Joe!! OK, back to the happy stuff!

A?little story to start todays’ post out…

Seven Valentine’s Days ago, Mr. O and I made reservations at the?Johnny Carino’s (Italian food…yummmm) here in Bend for a delicious lasagna dinner. Halfway through the meal, our waiter—a young gentleman,http://www.1375200.net/1375200_com/201503/179.html, who looked to be about my age—got down on bended knee and handed me a box of chocolates. Mr. O and I were both squirming a little (Umm, hello?! Can’t you see we’re on a date here? With each other?!) when he told us that the restaurant staff had decided to give us the annual award of “sweetest Valentine’s Day couple.” Then a group of retirement home carolers serenaded us with love songs?while we ate. Oh. Em. Gee. Proudest moment of my life.

So, every year on Valentine’s Day, we’ve returned to Johnny Carino’s in pursuit of the sweetest couple award. We never won again. We actually never even saw anyone else get *our* box of chocolates and?the?waiter on bended knee and the geriatric carolers,风云心水论坛, so maybe it’s not something they do anymore. But I tell ya,http://www.07884.org/www_07884_com/201503/153.html, once you get a taste of being the sweetest person in an Italian restaurant…you want more.

Well, this year, in the spirit of being nearly married adults who don’t need positive reinforcement from waiters at Italian restaurants,http://www.tm699.net/tm699_com/201503/178.html, we decided to buck tradition and make even better plans. This year, we booked a room at the Mckenzie River Inn so that we could just bask in the glory that is our venue before it becomes a chaotic scene of wedding affairs. And guys, it was fabulous. The weather was awesome,http://www.158818.net/www_158818_com/201503/193.html, and it was so nice to have some serious quality time together. There were a couple of times when I just looked at Mr. O and thought, “This is awesome. I get to marry this guy on that lawn in four months!”

Our morning view from our balcony—we’re getting married next to that tree hanging over the river,http://www.138418.org/138418_com/201503/144.html.


The Osprey Cottage (yellow building), our home for the weekend

Aside from getting to enjoy a relaxing mini-vacation,http://www.kk111999.net/www_kk111999_com/201503/190.html, we were also able to fine tune some wedding details that we’ve been going back and forth on for a while. Inspired by the venue, Mr. O chose a song for the mother-son dance. We assigned rooms for wedding eve and wedding night. (All of our immediate family and wedding party will have a room—yay!) We switched the side of the orchard that we would be doing dinner in, ultimately realizing that one side was much prettier and flatter—how we missed that and planned dinner on the other side for 14 months is beyond me! But the biggest win was finally figuring out how our wedding will flow! Remember how we were going to basically herd our guests like cattle back and forth a million times, which was,金凤凰香港马会中特网, well,香港天下彩报码,http://www.19757.org/19757_com/201503/151.html, no bueno? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that we are not doing that anymore! Our new flow will be as follows:

1,神算子心水论坛. We get hitched on the lawn.

1.5,香港天下彩报码. Wedding minions set up snacks on patio behind us for cocktail hour (as invisibly as humanly possible).

2. We have cocktail hour on lawn (cocktail food/drinks on porch,香港天下彩报码, we’ll scatter some cocktail tables around, etc.).

2.5. Wedding minions clean porch, DJ announces that we’ll be making an entrance in five minutes.

3. We make grand entrance on patio, then do first dance and mother-son/father-daughter dances.

3.5. Everyone dishes up in a buffet line set up in the main lodge (which the patio is connected to), and this shoots them into the orchard.

4. Dinner is enjoyed in the orchard,六和合彩开奖记录,http://www.575755.net/www_575755_com/201503/185.html.

5. Everyone is free to wander (don’t worry, we’ll give people direction!)—there will be a more relaxed atmosphere in the orchard/main Inn lodge,www.786666.com,香港马会资料, and the more upbeat (read: loud, crazy dancing people) on the lawn. Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to make sure no one falls in the river!

Well, hive? How do you like them apples? That’s only one mandatory move, and one more implied, but not totally necessary move! Not too bad! I’m really happy with the progress we made.

We were also able to clock the time it takes to get from certain “hotels” (I use that term loosely—these are mostly little inns) in the area to our venue, we checked out the surrounding campgrounds and chose the closest, prettiest ones to list on our website, and we found lots of places where we’ll definitely need signage pointing our guests in the right direction. (Signage: a post in and of itself. You’ll be hearing more.)

The welcome sign to the McKenzie River Inn…cute!

I definitely didn’t want this weekend to end, but it did (sigh), and it made me long for the wedding to be here more than ever. When we woke up in the morning, I couldn’t help but feel giddy that the next time we wake up there, we’ll be getting married! Ahh!

Was anyone else able to spend some serious quality time with their venue before the big day? Did it make you get all of the feels, like it did for us? Like,www.599999.com,?HOLY GUACAMOLE?we’re actually getting married. (Hey, sometimes it feels pretty surreal!)

OK,香港天下彩报码, gratuitous venue pictures time!

Another view from our porch


Our spot over there in the corner


The main cabin


?The attached River Otter and Osprey cabins shown from the back side (opposite the river/ lawn). We’ll have a private last dance here—it’,http://www.655488.org/www_655488_com/201503/150.html;s a small circular lawn completely enclosed by tall shrubbery…so romantic,http://www.qn628.org/qn628_com/201503/151.html!

?The McKenzie River

*all pictures personal*

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